What’s to like about Naglev Combat WP Boots:

  • High-performance Kevlar upper
  • Dual-density EVA midsole
  • Natural rubber outsole
  • Tanned leather footbed
  • Integrated cable speed laces
  • Eye-catching design

Although Kevlar has a reputation of being among the sturdiest materials out there, we typically don’t associate it with footwear. This advanced material has found its place in the military, protective clothing, and many other areas. So the time has come for Kevlar to enter the outdoor boots market.

Precisely, we are speaking about the innovative Naglev Combat WP Hiking Boots. This model not only features Kevlar, but it also comes equipped with sustainably sourced components.

Too good to be true? Let’s check.

When Tradition Meets Technology

In case you are not familiar with the name, we should first mention that Naglev has a history going back to the 1990s. As an Italian brand, they test their products high up in the Alps. Also, the company leans onto the shoemaking tradition in the North of Italy that goes back to the Middle Ages.

On the other hand, Naglev also tries to incorporate the latest technologies into its products. Of course, Naglev Combat WP Hiking Boots are a perfect example of the company’s philosophy.

Innovative Features

The single-piece Kevlar upper is the most recognizable element of these backpacking shoes. As expected, Kevlar provides protection and durability, and it also offers abrasion resistance.

Likewise, Naglev Combat WP Hiking Boots come equipped with a biodegradable footbed. Precisely, this element features tanned leather and coconut fibers. Vegetable-dyed leather offers flexibility and comfort, but it also helps the environment. Chemical-free boots can be hard to find, making Naglev Combat WP an ideal choice for an Eco-conscious person.

Superb Comfort

As you can see, these hiking boots are all about pushing the boundaries and being as tough as nails. Nonetheless, Naglev did not forget about making Combat WP as comfortable as possible.

For instance, the dual-density EVA midsole comforts the foot and reduces fatigue. Likewise, Combat WP boots have wool lining with a waterproof membrane. To be precise, this element features a sandwich-like construction, providing a glove-like sensation. As a result, your foot will stay snug and warm no matter the weather.

At the same time, a natural rubber outsole will provide top-quality traction at all times. The rock-proof construction offers maximum grip, no matter the terrain. Best of all, Naglev Combat WP Hiking Boots come equipped with integrated cable speed laces for efficient closure and a snug fit.

Should You Buy Them?

Italian footwear has a reputation for being up there with the best. Naglev is an ambitious and dynamic company, and its products are both elegant and durable. For example, Combat WP hiking boots combine a vintage aesthetic with futuristic elements.

For that reason, these boots might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you want to stand out from the rest while keeping your feet super-safe, these boots are for you. Combat WP offers a unique take on the hiking boot concept, resulting in an attention-grabbing shoe.