Key features:

  • Large capacity (4.320 cubic inches)
  • Top-loading design
  • Plenty of pockets and compartments
  • Durable and ruggedMYSTERY RANCH Glacier backpack 1

If you need a reliable and sturdy backpack, Mystery Ranch has got you covered. After all, this brand is famous for producing high-quality gear for backpacking and hiking.

What’s more, even the US Navy Seals use backpacks from this manufacturer!

Well, the same goes for the incredible Mystery Ranch Glacier Pack. This particular product is a best-seller, so let’s see what makes it so appealing.

Spacious and Functional Design

From the first glance at this model, it is clear that you can place a lot of stuff into the backpack. Of course, this feature is a must-have if you are going on long hikes or weekend treks.

To be precise, Mystery Ranch Glacier Pack Backpack offers as much as 71 liters of interior space! In translation, that’s around 4.320 cubic inches.

So, this massive interior will allow you to carry the essentials without any problems. On top of that, the backpack comes with side zippers. These little guys are a life-saver when you need to grab an item without unpacking the entire bag.

Nonetheless, the top-loading design of this backpack is functional as well. Plus, the model is available in four sizes and two attractive colors.

Pockets Everywhere!

MYSTERY RANCH Glacier backpack 3Every avid outdoor enthusiast knows that compartments and pockets on a backpack are always in short supply. In other words, you could always need an extra pocket for your gear or accessories.

Well, it seems that the Glacier Pack backpack ticks all the boxes when it comes to compartments and storage space. Why do we say this?

First of all, this model comes equipped with two “torpedo pockets,” which provide external access to the gear.

Likewise, the so-called speed-zip compartment will enable you to attach the sleeping bag at the bottom of the backpack.

In the end, we should also mention loops for ice axes or your trekking poles. Thus, this backpack can MYSTERY RANCH Glacier backpack 4accompany you on winter expeditions as well.

Last but not least, there is also a handy water bottle pocket that will let you hydrate without opening the bag every two minutes.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Despite its size, Mystery Ranch Glacier Pack Backpack provides excellent lumbar support. The comfortable suspension holds the weight well, which relieves the pressure on the shoulders.

Of course, users can adjust the suspension, and the dense padding makes the backpack as comfortable as they get.

Final Thoughts

The price of this model may deter some buyers. Likewise, this is a bulky backpack, and not all hikers are fans of this design approach.

However, Glacier Pack is a well-designed and super durable backpack. It offers excellent weight distribution, and it can handle heavy loads with ease.

This backpack can take a beating, and in most cases – it will last a lifetime. So, don’t hesitate to buy one of these cool-looking backpacks if you like to get out into the wild every so often.