As un-intuitive as it might seem, technology and the Internet can be very useful tools in the outdoors – provided you can get some signal, or even better, don’t actually need one.  And apart from some of the more common apps we already have in our arsenal, like Alltrails and Peakfinder, one of the coolest new apps out there is Mountain Hub.

Mountain Hub, available for both iPhone and Android, uses your phone’s GPS to provide real-time locations and information for whatever trail or mountain your on. It offers topographic maps, as well as statistics for time, distance and the pace you’re moving at. You can download  maps for access without internet (which is hard to come by in the wilderness) and record all your times and distances to share online.

The coolest part of Mountain Hub is the community of like-minded hikers, outdoorsmen and professionals, who can all communicate and share their experience with each other, geotagged photos of their hikes, as well as frequent updates on trail closures, conditions and weather.

So as long as you’re not totally against bringing your phone into the wilderness with you – and actually using it – then you ought to download Mountain Hub. It’s also totally free.

Mountain Hub App