Parkas are the most classic of winter jackets, and few others can really hold a candle to their combination of sheer warmth, coverage and rugged style. The problem with most good parkas, however, is that they are simply way too expensive. Look at a Canada Goose parka, for example, which often costs close to $1000. Not LL Bean’s, thankfully; the Mountain Classic Down Parka costs a mere $169 – a total steal for a full-length parka packed with 650-fill down.

There really isn’t all that much to the Mountain Classic; it’s just a classic parka, packed with 650 fill DownTek down, which has a special coating to make it repel moisture and trap in heat even more effectively than regular down. In fact, LL Bean says it absorbs 33% less moisture and dries 66% faster, making it excellent for wearing all kinds of cold conditions where moisture might work its way in.

The outer shell and inner lining are both made from 100% polyester; there’s a stand collar with insulated hood (which is also removable), an internal zip pocket, and two lower hand snap pockets. And, the length is perfect, providing enough coverage and warmth for inclement weather without weighing you down or hampering your mobility.

Of course, it is a parka – not an active jacket. You wear this thing for pure warmth, not climbing mountains. Either way, the Mountain Classic Parka is one heck of a steal for a down parka this warm. Beat’s Canada Goose, that’s for sure.


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