Who doesn’t love the smell of motor oil in the morning? This scented candle has been making the rounds on social media, thanks to its highly unusual but still wonderful scent; moto oil and leather. (We say highly unusual, but let’s be real; scented candles come in all kinds of weird scents).

Flying Tiger Motorcycles is a St. Louis based motorcycles shop, that makes a whole array of moto goods, such as helmets, soaps, and custom bikes. This Motoman Oil and Leather scented candle is their genius idea, that brings the wonderful smell of the garage right into your home, if you just can’t get enough of it. They state that oil and leather are essential parts of their two-wheeled life, and we’re inclined to agree.  Made of all natural scent and wax, this candle must smell of pure, manly hard work. It also, quite fittingly, comes in an oil-can container. Grab one as an alternative to pine tree or sugar cookie scents this Christmas, and it’ll hold you over till riding weather returns in the spring.


motoman scented candle