If you travel a lot, or spend significant amounts of time in the wilderness, you probably have a portable charger or backup battery for your phone. And if you don’t already, you really should. If you’re looking for one, check out the mophie charge force powerstation. (They stylize it that way, okay?)

This battery pack is the first ever portable wireless battery charger, for any Qi enabled devices – or those with wireless charging cases, like the mophie juice pack. That’s right: wireless. Wireless charging has been catching on the last few years, and now you can carry a wireless battery pack in your pocket anywhere you go. All you have to do is put your phone (Qi enabled of course) right on top of the charge force power station and press the button. It will charge up wirelessly. No wires, no mess. (There is an additional USB port for whenever you do need to use a cord, for those phones that aren’t wireless enabled.)

The charge force powerstation is a 10,000 mAh battery and can supply an extra 48 hours of battery life for your iPhone or Galaxy Note. Larger phones, like the iPhone X, will obviously get less, as will the iPad. And should you need to charge both the battery pack and phone at the same time, there’s a cool Priority+ Charging mode, which uses pass-through charging to charge your phone first, and then the battery.

All that and it’s small enough to fit in your back pocket, or right in the outer compartment of your bag. Why hasn’t wireless charging taken over yet?

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