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The Monti Shasta Is The Most Portable Travel Cooler

Monti Shasta Packable Cooler 2

Hardsided coolers are the bomb when it comes to keeping your food and drinks cool for days on end. But they’re simply far too bulky and heavy to carry with you on a hike or anything more than a short trip from the car. That’s where a soft-sided cooler comes in. And while we’ve seen quite a few nice one – from the Yeti Hopper Two to the Pelican DayVenture – we’ve never seen any as simple and comfortable looking as the Monti Shasta.

Credit: Monti

What’s your first thought upon seeing the Monti Shasta? Probably that it looks somewhere between a backpack and a quilted jacket. And you’re right. It’s a small 16l backpack made from a quilted ripstop nylon and equipped with some synthetic insulation that can hold a 36F temperature for up to 10 hours – more than enough for 90% of hikes to the fishing hole or campsite. A waterproof liner keeps melted ice from soaking through and getting everywhere, and it’s tall enough to fit 12 beers and 2 bottles of wine.

When you’re heading out for the day, simply throw it on your back like any other backpack. When it’s empty, stuff it into the included stuff sack and compress it down to a barely-there footprint. And when it needs to be cleaned…simply toss it in the washing machine and let it do its thing.

Monti Shasta Cooler 2
Credit: Monti

Will the Shasta keep your drinks ice cold for days on end? No, it won’t. But if you’re just trying to travel light, have a good time and bring a few drinks with you, this Made in America cooler gets the job done.

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