Think about that for a second: a foldable drone. Not only that, a foldable 4k drone. There are a few other foldable drones out there, and a lot of 4k drones, but the Moment Drone is probably the most unique. It folds down when it not in use, to the size and thickness of a notebook. But more than that, it’s also got auto tracking technology, which is probably one of the coolest features we’ve seen in some time. You can literally program the drone to follow you or your subject around automatically, using face recognition tech, shooting all the while in 4K video. Completely hands free. It’s kind of like taking a selfie, but with a drone. That follows you around. So maybe more like a dedicated photographer.

The 4k video features electronic image stabilization, which serves to eliminate or lessen any imperfections, turbulence, or rolling shutter that pops up. And using an optical flow sensor and ultrasonic sensor, coupled with their SLAM 3D technology, it can hover in place while recording steady video.

But wait, there’s more. The Moment Drone features auto fly back, almost like an electronic boomerang, as well as two GPS’ and GLONASS so it never gets lost. That’s way cool. The 4” blades are powered a 1906- brushless motor, and have three different flight modes (Low, Medium, High sensitivity mode) for the most precise flying. With a fully charged battery, you can get up to 15 minutes of flight time.

There’s a whole bunch of other features that make the Moment Drone a great buy, but we think the auto tracking and 3d hover tech are worth it in itself. Hook it up to your smartphone for live in-flight monitoring.

Buy - $299.00
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