Breathing clean air is important to being healthy and comfortable, especially when you suffer from allergies or asthma. Most of are perfectly fine breathing fresh air from open windows, things can get pretty stuffy and dirty. Add pollen to the mix in summertime, as well as other pollutants like smoke and car exhaust, and things can get gross for the more sensitive among us.  That’s where air purifiers like Molekule come in.

HEPA air purifiers are the easiest and most effective way for 99% of us to purify the air in our homes. High-end ones do an excellent job at collecting and trapping contaminants, and releasing clean, wholesome air back into the room for comfortable breathing. But Molekule goes one step further. Molekule doesn’t just collect pollutants…it destroys them.

Advanced PECO Filter – Nano Tech

Molekuel Air Purifier

It does this through an advanced, two-step filtration system (the first part of which is quite standard) The air first goes through a pre-filter, which collects the large particles like dust and hair. That’s pretty standard for an HEPA filter. But it then goes through a PECO-Filter – their patented photoelectrochemical oxidation filter. The PECO filter is coated with nanoparticles that react with UV light to literally break down pollutants and contaminants on a molecular level. And – it does it without any ozone, unlike so many other home air purifiers.

And, while most air purifiers can destroy something like 99.7% of pollutants…Molekule actually claims to destroy up to 100% in the right circumstances, thanks to the micro-size of the pollutants it can destroy – down to .01 nanometers. Compare that to the 300 nanometers most filters are equipped to destroy.

Smart-Capable Home Machine

Molekule Air Purifier 2

Fancy – and totally effective. Molekule is also a fully smart-capable machine. It’s energy-efficient, super-quiet (so you can run it in your room, anytime) and WiFi-enabled, so you can control it from the smartphone app (of course you can). And yes – it’s sleek and attractive, made from machined aluminum with a leather handle. Less like an air filter, more like a decoration in your home.

Filters need to be changed every three months for the pre-filter (which collects all the gnarly stuff) and every six months for the PECO filter.

With an effective area of 600 square feet, it’s a powerful machine that will make everyday life at home just a little bit more pleasant. With a price tag of $800, it is also one of the most expensive home air purifiers you can buy…but if you view it as an investment, it’s totally worth it. You can also check out the Best Home Purifier List for other options!