Socks are simple. Right? Yes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be high-tech, modern apparel too. Feet get sweaty, just like the rest of you, and upgrading to techy socks with better ventilation can completely change your footwear game. Case in point: Ministry of Supply Atlas Socks.

Atlas Socks: High-Tech, Coffee-Infused Socks

Ministry of Supply says that the Atlas socks are “designed to respond to a foot in motion” and combine the
capability of a gym sock with on-the-clock sensibility.” In simpler terms, they’re technical socks made for the office, woven from recycled polyester yarns with a recycled coffee grounds-derived coating that “neutralizes” odors – keeping your feet fresh longer. Polyester is moisture-wicking, of course, and helps feet breathe; Ministry calls it “hydrophobic.”

Moisture-wicking fabric and coffee treatments aren’t enough to earn the Ministry of Supply name, however. That’s why the Atlas have “body-mapped cushioning,” using heat, pressure and strain analysis to decide where your feet need the padding and cushioning and can put it to the best use. And sock shape and design are just as precisely calculated; the high tube has a rubber lining at the top to keep it from falling down, and the two-panel design separates foot from leg for a better fit.

Evolution of the Sock

There’s a whole story behind these super-cushy dress socks. The brand’s co-founder realized how uncomfortable paper-thin dress socks were compared to his thick, soft dress socks. So he began sewing those athletic socks right into his work socks – a sort of early prototype that they would later develop into the Atlas sock. That original sock may have been, as they called it, the “Frankensock,” but its successors are classy office-ready apparel that should help your feet rock the long day just a little bit better.

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