Sometimes simple is the best–well, most of the time today in our information overload society. With USA made The Minimalist Knife, that simplicity proves to the true. There are plenty of knives out there that have every tool imaginable on them, and that is a good thing sometimes. However, most of the time, all we need in our pocket is a tool that will provide a clean cut. That’s why carrying The Minimalist Knife is something that can become your go-to everyday carry knife.

The inspiration behind The Minimalist was the Japanese Higonokami, a simple friction folder pocket knife. Ken Tomita, co-founder of The Minimalist, sought to create a modern version of the Higonokami, thus the birth of The Minimalist. While most knives today have a minimum of 25 parts to the construction, The Minimalist has a clean 7 pieces. This is achieved by the creation of a unique single-body monobody handle which is custom machined from a solid block of metal. The sleek blade rests flush within the body of the knife so that there is no wasted space. Rather than incorporating the standard locking mechanism, The Minimalist uses friction and your thumb on the back of the blade to prevent the blade from closing. This feature requires careful use.

The Minimalist Knife Specifications

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • 440C Blade Steel
    Aluminum with Cerakote Finish
    Phosphor Bronze Washers
  • Dimensions
    Body length: 3.75”
    Width: 0.75”
    Thickness: 0.35”
    Blade length: 2.8”
    Weight: 1.9 oz
  • Hand sharpened

Available in three finishes: clear anodized or black cerkoted aluminum for lightweight carry or brass for a heftier carry.

If you have been carrying a knife that is a bit too big for your needs or dress pants, then you may want to consider transitioning to the sleek Minimalist.

The Minimalist Knife Close The Minimalist Knife Close The Minimalist Knife Open The Minimalist Knife Brass The Minimalist Knife Anodized The Minimalist Knife Black Open The Minimalist Knife Black Closed