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This Mini Weber, Go-Anywhere Grill Goes Anywhere You Do

Weber Go-Anywhere Grill

There’s nothing like grilling in terms of both flavor and simplicity. Fire it up and slap some meat on there. A few minutes later, you’ve got some perfectly charred burgers, dog or steaks that are just dripping with smoky flavor. Cleanup is ridiculously easy, too; just chuck the spatula in the dishwasher and you’re done. And thanks to the Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill, you can now get that ease, simplicity and smoky charcoal flavor virtually anywhere.

Credit: Weber
Credit: Weber

Weber’s Go-Anywhere Grill certainly isn’t the only portable grill out there. But it’s Weber – and that certainly means something. At 160 square inches, it’s the perfect size for cooking up to 6, ¼-pound burgers at once on its stainless steel grates, but is also small and light enough to go pretty much you want to take it; the porcelain-enameled lid locks tightly onto the grill body, so you can easily pick it up, carry it around or pack it into the back of the car. (14 pounds isn’t heavy at all). And the plated steel legs are designed to hold it securely in place and to fold up when you don’t need it.

There’s not much else to the Go-Anywhere grill. Its steel construction means it should retain heat well. Porcelain adds durability. And since it’s Weber, the quality should be excellent. Grab one of these and level up your tailgates and beach outings.

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