We need not point out how much smart appliances have exploded. From smart watches to smart bulbs and smart kitchen appliances, virtually everything is now equipped to take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity and integrate with your home, all on a single accessible network. Turns out they make smart picture frames now, too.

The Meural Canvas is a high-tech smart picture frame, capable of displaying any photo you like – from your own library or Meural’s curated list of over 30,000 famous works of art. So whether you wish to share pictures from your most recent family vacation to Disneyland or Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night, the Meural will do it – and in almost any home.

Meural Canvas Smart Picture Frame

Meural itself modest, thin, wooden black picture frame, 27 inches across. Hang it on your wall’s desired spot, connect it to your home Wi-Fi network, and select the photo you’d like to display.

When it’s time to change it, just swipe using the smartphone companion app – or wave your hand in front of the optical sensor. It can then shuffle through your library of pictures in a specific order, or can be put on shuffle. And since it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Home, you can easily control to respond to voice commands.

This smart frame is a top contender when it comes to image quality, too. Each and every image is rendered in life-like detail, and the glass’s glare-free finish ensures it’s viewable from all angles. It can even automatically sense ambient light conditions and adjust brightness and contrast to match. And if your Wi-fi cuts out, the frame keeps a saved cache of images to display offline, without a network connection.

It’s a bit of money to spend. And to get access to the 30,000+-piece artwork library, you’ll have to dish out $50 for an annual subscription. The upshot is that the company gives a sizeable chunk of that revenue to the artists they feature – so your money would support local and less well-known artists, too. The Meural is a smart, modern way to decorate your home – whatever your aesthetic preferences.