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Messerast Knife Holder: Combining Function and Art

Messerast Knife Holder Dark

Art comes in many forms. Well, we just love this simply designed product. Of course, knives are a favorite around here also. The Messerast Knife Holder combines these two loves. These knife holders are offered by Buchholz Berlin of Germany. Each Messerast (which means “fair catch”) holder is unique since it is made from real wood. Because each piece is unique, size may vary. However, each is close to the stated size.

Strong magnets are embedded in the branch. You can select a branch to hold 3, 4, or 5 knives. The hanging hooks on the back side of the branch ensures sturdy support.

Messerast Knife Holder Size Options

  • Small: 40cm – 55cm long with three magnets
  • Medium: 60cm – 70cm long with 4 magnets
  • Large: 80cm – 1m long with 5 magnets

These unique pieces are sure to be a conversation piece in your home.

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