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Meriwool makes Wool Baselayers on a Budget

meriwool wool baselayers

When it comes to performance baselayers, nothing beats merino wool when it comes to the perfect combination of warmth, moisture-wicking, and (especially) softness. Unfortunately, the silky smoothness of merino wool often comes at a steep price. Just look at brands like Icebreaker and Smartwool for an idea. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good options out there for wool baselayers on a budget.

Meriwool baselayers are made of 100% all-natural, superfine 18.5-micron weave merino wool. They are ultra-soft and ultra-comfy, with no rough hairs to itch or scratch. Merino wool is naturally moisture-wicking, is anti-bacterial and odor-resistant, so you stay fresh during all your cold weather activities. The 250-weight their midlayers use is heavy enough for serious warmth in winter, but also light enough to worn in the warmer shoulder seasons. They also make layers in a lighter, 120-200 g/m weight, and a heavier, 300+ weight. In other words, they’ve an option for every weather.

Meriwool has complete trust in their products; they guarantee a 1-year warranty on all their baselayers, and will repair or replace any problems you have with them. And even though they’re wool, they’re machine-washable, making laundry a breeze. And best of all, it’s half the price of comparable Smartwool baselayers. Stay warm.

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