Despite trying out every new bourbon we can get our hands on, we somehow hadn’t seen Merica Bourbon. This might just be our new favorite whiskey.

Merica Bourbon was created by military veterans who love freedom and love bourbon. And since there is nothing more American than a bottle of whiskey, they decided to make their own and share that authentic American spirit with others. They started with their own unique mash bill of 70% corn, 26% rye, and 4% wheat, created at the old Seagram’s factory in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. They even use water sourced from the aquifers of the Ohio River Basin for a crystal clear, pure taste.

After the whiskey has been distilled, they ship it off to Charleston, South Carolina, where they reduce the amount of “harsh-tasting congeners” and converts acids into esters, using some kind of patented ultrasonic energy and oxygenation process, ensuring no “chemical reactions from the fermentation stage” are left undone. It’s a bit scientific to get into, but the result is a very smooth-tasting drink that doesn’t waste any of the grain and turns it all into alcohol.

Merica Bourbon won Silver at the Whiskies of the World Competition in 2017. It’s a smooth, relaxing drink with all the authentic American flavor you could want. And if you like supporting Made-in-America, Veteran-owned brands that take pride in their country, there’s no better whiskey option than Merica Bourbon. From the backstory to the vintage American label, it’s  as American as it gets.