The first Intelligent Heated Jacket. What exactly does that mean? We’ve seen smart jackets before. But the Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket from Ministry of Supply contains a heating system that can actually be voice-controlled. Yes, voice-controlled. Before heading out into the cold, simply tell Alexa (or whatever voice assistant you have) that you’d like to warm up your jacket before heading outside, and the jacket’s built-in heaters will get to work.

The heating units are made of carbon fiber, and are only 1mm thin; they can deliver up to 10 watts of heating power at once, and heat up to 135 degrees, keeping you toasty and warm at all times. Ministry of Supply describes it as a microclimate of sorts, just for you.

The Mercury’s fabric is soft, breathable, stretchy and odor-proof; every purpose you could think of for a jacket, it can handle. There’s a 2-layer waterproof membrane, that also blocks wind, and a layer of S. Café insulation, which keeps odors at bay using coffee beans. Yes, coffee beans. They’ve been blended and turned into an insulating fiber that absorbs odors and is blended with polyester for a good loft. The hand-warmer pockets are heated, and there is a wireless charging pack for your phone integrated right into one.

And even with all these fancy features, Ministry of Supply has kept the Mercury jacket completely machine-washable – and tested it to last more than 50 washes. But you’re really not intended to wash it often, and that should last you several years of regular, everyday use.

Ministry of Supply wants you to make the Mercury your everday coat, replacing half your coat wardrobe with it. We’d say it looks like a good contender, and quite versatile for everyday use – but not a good option for active wear. They also make a vest version if you’re looking for something a little less warm.

But hey, it’s an intelligent heated jacket. That’s not something you see a lot of.

Mercury-Intelligent-heated-jacket-1 Mercury-Intelligent-heated-jacket-3 Mercury-Intelligent-heated-jacket-2