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Mellow is the Sous Vide Cooker You’ve Been Waiting For

mellow sous vide cooker

If you’ve never cooked sous vide, you need to start. This method of cooking guarantees perfectly cooked food that is never overdone or burned; instead of being cooked over direct heat, the food is sealed in a heat-safe plastic bag and placed in hot water that circulates and slowly cooks the food to the exact temperature and time necessary. It’s an easy way to get delicious, juicy steaks or perfectly soft-boiled eggs.

Until recently, it was difficult to get good sous vide cookers at home, but that has definitely changed with new devices like the Anova Precision Cooker. The newest competition out there is the Mellow, and it looks like the biggest, baddest sous vide cooker yet.

Mellow is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible; they want you to take no more than 30 seconds to set up whatever it is you’re cooking, and to head out and do your errands (or whatever) while it’s working. It connects, via WiFi, to the Mellow App, which lets you control the settings from your phone, wherever you are. It actually lets you fine tune your cooking settings and learns how you like your food; after each meal, the app asks you how you liked the food, and continually refines it to your tastes.

In fact, this machine is totally dedicated to convenience and cooking on the go; it actually features refrigeration technology that keeps your food cold and fresh until it’s time to cook. You can place the food in the tank as you leave the house, set it to cook it how you like, and Mellow will keep the food fresh until the optimal time to start cooking. Likewise, it can also keep the food warm until you arrive and are ready to dig in. The double-walled construction keeps it energy-efficient. There are also built-in weight sensors, which can tell if something changes in the machine, such as added or lost water; it will alert your phone immediately.

The Mellow is no doubt the most advanced home sous vide machine available; it’s high-tech, stylish and easy to use. Steaks come out perfectly juicy, eggs perfectly poached or hard-boiled, and rice perfectly fluffed.

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