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Megabots: USA versus Japan Giant Robot Duel

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Science fiction movies have come to life realtime. This could very well be the future of athletes. Imagine robot competitions at the summer Olympics. In the summer of 2015, MegaBots, Inc. completed construction of the USA’s first giant piloted mech. The Mk. II MegaBot is a 15-foot tall, 12,000-pound robot capable of hurling 3-pound projectiles at speeds of over 130 miles per hour. Once the MegaBot was completed, the idea of a duel arose.

MegaBots challenged the only other known giant piloted robot in the world to a duel– 9,000-pound robot known as KURATAS created by a group in Japan. Japan accept the challenge and history is being written. Thus, this is the beginning of something that can become the next craze in athletics.

Part of Japan’s acceptance of the challenge  included specifications of the combat. Japan didn’t want something that was huge with guns attached. Japan wanted robots that could punch, knock down, and fight by any robotic means. To meet the challenge, MegaBots took to Kickstarter to crowd fund the upgrades to the American robot. Over $500,000 was raised to ramp up the performance of the MegaBot Mk. II. The result is a behemoth of a machine which measures in at 16-feet high, weighs 12 tons, and has a 430 horsepower motor that drives a set of tank-tread tracks. The two pilots operate gigantic paint ball guns, claws, and weapons of destruction.

The battle is about to begin: Nation-on-nation robot combat. Multi-ton behemoths will swing punches, tearing steel armor panels off each other until one mech is left standing, while the opponent is left a heap of scrap metal. Which will be left standing?

Support your #1 USA Robot team by purchasing team apparel. Let the games begin! This will be much more exciting than your daily office wars.



Megabots: USA versus Japan Giant Robot Duel Megabots: USA versus Japan Giant Robot Duel Megabots: USA versus Japan Giant Robot Duel

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