We have “smart” everything now: toilets, refrigerators, mirrors, and just about everything you can think of. Then why not a smart whiskey decanter? This is about the coolest thing we have reviewed this season. The world’s first ever  Jim Beam Smart Whiskey Decanter is ready to entertain you and your pals. Your man cave will be the talk of the town.

JIM is just waiting for you to speak to him. Give it a try. The decanter is voiced by Fred Noe, a 7th generation master distiller. His responses are in the spirit of native American spirit. “Hey, Jim, what’s the best way to drink bourbon?” JIM: “Any damn way you please.” Don’t expect a true surround sound response; you will be laughing so hard you won’t notice the response isn’t surround sound quality.

There is function to the decanter. JIM offers the ability to pour up an exact shot without lifting a finger. The bourbon is dispensed through the decanter housing within the tower. So just add the whiskey, and watch the laughs begin.

We are pretty sure this is going to be the hit of the season!

Jim Beam Smart Whiskey Decanter