There’s a whole host of meat thermometers and WiFi grill thermometers out there, but few of them are as cool as Meater. This wireless meat thermometer is the most precise, easy-to-use and chock-full of features you’re apt to find – unless you’re springing for a full-on grill monitor.

Unlike most meat thermometers, which are usually poked into the meat to check every few minutes, Meater can just be place right into the center of your food and left there the whole time. It will connect to your phone via Bluetooth – with a range of 33 feet – or Wifi, with a range of 165 feet.  And you can then monitor the temperature directly from there. Easy. Meater will also automatically estimate the cooking time left to take some of the guesswork out. Meater Cloud offers unlimited range – if you have cell reception, you can check the meat’s temperature. Anywhere in the world.

It’s dead simple and easy to use. No wires, no hassle. No continuously stabbing the meat, poking holes to find the right temperature. Just insert the thermometer and come back when it’s done.

Meater also includes a lot of the cool features that meat fanatics love – graphs and cooking logs, which come in especially helpful when you’re smoking and barbecuing. There’s also an ambient thermometer to monitor of the grill directly. A Smart Guided Cook System will walk you through cooking certain recipes, as well.

Meater also makes the Block, a package of four wireless Meater probes that all connect at once to an included device, eliminating any need for a phone or tablet. Just use the touchscreen to control and monitor 4 different meats at once.

Grab one and get grilling! Making those delicious, juicy medium-rare steaks just got that much easier.

Buy - $69.00
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