McLaren is known for making some of the coolest, fastest supercars in the world. Specialized is known for making some of the fastest, highest-performing bikes on the road and the track. So it only seems fitting that the two might team up for a bike as cool as the McLaren X Roubaix, a supercar inspired tribute to the legendary automakers 50 years of participation in the Grand Prix.

Built off Specialized’s trustworthy Rouxbaix line (named after the city in France), the McLaren X Roubaix is one of the sleekest and most attractive roadbikes we’ve seen in a while, which is definitely a compliment when roadbikes are made to be…sleek and attractive. It’s decked out in Heritage Orange, McLaren’s signature color they first used way back in 1966, and complemented by the black components. Specialized wanted to put some serious care into this bike, and they did – all the little details, such as the leather bar tape, comes with Heritage Orange stitching.It’s one gorgeous looking bike.

On the more technical side, this bike is constructed from FACT 11r carbon fiber -which makes it one of the lightest, stiffest and thus fastest and most nimble bikes racing bikes you’ll find. The wheels are custom Roval CLX32, and the special hubs are polished to remind one of the wheels you might see on a supercar. The drivetrain is a Shimano Dura Ace Di2 with a Specialized S-Works carbon fiber crankset. There are also CeramicSpeed upgrades on the hubs and bottom bracket.; this thing isn’t just beautiful, but it’s fast, just like the cars that inspired it.

This kind of performance and premium build doesn’t come cheap. And, of course, neither does a McLaren. The McLaren X Roubaix sells for $11,500. That’s quite a bit of money for a bike – but quite a bargain for a McLaren.

mclaren x roubaix closeup mclaren x roubaix brakes mclaren x roubaix closeup mclaren x roubaix wheels