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The McLaren Speedtail Is A Worthy Successor To The F1

McLaren Speedtail

McLaren’s reputation is based in making wild cars with wild price tags to boot. Hot off the heels of their latest crazy vehicles (think the Senna and Senna GTR) comes the McLaren Speedtail, a new supercar billed as true successor to the original F1 and the brand’s fasted car yet. Considering the speed their previous models have been known to reach, this thing must be quite impressive.

That claim comes from the Speedtail’s top speed of 250 mph, courtesy of 1035 horsepower. That’s about 10 mph faster than the original F1 hit back in 1998. It’s so fast, they aren’t even sharing it’s 0-60; instead, they’re talking about how it can go from 0-186 (yes, 186) in 12.2 seconds. And they’ve yet to release any technical details about the engine, either; it’s a hybrid, but we don’t know anything about its technical specs.

Apart from that, we do know what the car looks like; it’s a long grand tourer with an aerodynamic swept-back tail (hence the name) and very low drag. It’s based on a carbon frame and weighs a scant 3152 pounds while extending a full 17 feet. Headlights are recessed into the front, and the front wheels are hidden behind super-smooth aero covers.

Inside, it follows the original F1’s unique setup, with three seats across in the front and the driver sitting centrally, with full command of the road. The seats on either side sit slightly behind the driver, and the sheer futuristic look really captures the idea of a cockpit. Touchscreens reside on either side of the wheel and function as the dash, while the regular center console functions – displaced by the middle seat – are found on the ceiling. And instead of using visors to block out the sun, the cockpit was Hkeep it out.

All in all, it’s another insane supercar from McLaren. Only 106 of them will ever be made, so if you’re itching to drive one, you’ll need to pony up the $2.45 million pretty quickly before they’re all sold out.

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