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Mark Albert Boots: Affordable. Exceptional. American Made.

mark albert boots american made

Mark Albert Boots was started a couple of year ago when a budget-conscious college student named – you guessed it – Mark Albert Barbera sought an affordable, high-quality pair of leather boots, and decided to try his hand at it himself. Inspired by his Italian grandfather, who opened up a shoe repair shop back in 1922, Mark Albert went to Kickstarter with his idea, and set up shop in his hometown of Somerset, Pennsylvania.

Among Mark Albert’s creations are a pair of Classic Chelsea Boots, available in Dakota Brown and Derby Beige. They’re made with a Goodyear Welt Construction and leather sole, which can be replaced and resoled for years to come. The stacked leather heel is completed by a smooth, suede upper. Another option is the Uptown, a refined, classic leather boot that looks as good at work as it does in a pair of jeans. It comes in Crazy Horse leather, a new method of finishing leather that is becoming all the rage right now; a special kind of wax lets the leather change color as it is rubbed, giving each piece of leather a unique, worn look over time.

And if you’d really like to splurge on a beautiful pair of boots, Mark Albert makes  a version of the Uptown called the Hydrophobic Uptown – made from the same heavy-duty water- and fire-resistant roughout leather that the US military traditionally uses on their dress boots. The finish and superb oiling makes water bead up and practically roll right off. The stacked leather heel has a rubber heel insert for solid grip on wet surfaces.

Mark Albert Boots are excellent, Goodyear Welt footwear at a fraction of the cost of bigger, better known names; for your next pair of boot, support the tradition of small-town leathermaking.

The Kickstarter campaign is over and the project exceeded its goals. Now, Mark Albert Boots is in full manufacturing mode.

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