Slippers are simple. They’re comfortable. The epitome of casual. They have one job and one job only: keep your feet warm, cozy and supremely comfortable. Frills and features take a backseat. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be modern, however – just ask Mahabis. This e-commerce brand has managed to take the basic, often-ignored slipper and turn it into something casual but cool, all at once.

Mahabis Flow Casual Slippers

best Mahabis Slippers
Credit: Mahabis

Just take a look at the Mahabis Flow to see what we’re talking about. The Flow are soft and supremely lightweight, with a woven upper paired with a hybrid sole that flexes with every step. An ergonomic neoprene footsole and adaptable foam footbed keep things comfortable, while the perforated lining ensures constant, cool airflow all around. Easy like Sunday morning, and with a stylish look that’s halfway between your favorite tennis shoes and classic sneakers.

Luxurious Slippers

best Mahabis Slippers 2
Credit: Mahabis

If the Flow aren’t fancy enough for you, you can always opt for the Mahabis Luxe. These high-end sneakers use a nubuck leather upper and 100% wool lining to create a truly luxurious look and feel. A multi-surface, sneaker-like sole means you can wear them about town if you like – because comfort doesn’t have to be confined to home.

Whichever style you prefer – everyday casual or luxurious, street-ready comfort – trust Mahabis to help you kick back and enjoy your mornings (and afternoons. And evenings) in style.