VivoBarefoot shoes are –  to say the least – different. Designed to be low-profile, minimalist and as close to an all-around barefoot experience as you can get, their shoes live by the mantra of being wide, thin and flexible. Wide allows for stable support. Thin allows for a tactile feel on the ground. Flexible allows your muscles and tendons to “load, splay and recoil” to put some more natural spring in your step. Their vegan hiking boots – the Magna Trail – follow that philosophy to a T.

Magna Trail: Casual Looks, Rugged Performance

The Magna Trail perfectly straddle that line that so many hiking shoes occupy these days: somewhere between a hiking boot and a pair of comfy athletic kicks. They could be just as at home on the pavement as they are on the trail, with a modern-looking mesh upper, black detailing and some snazzy-looking laces. They’re super light, weighing only 364 grams a pair…but don’t let that fool you into thinking these are for summer only; they’re designed to be worn all-year round and even come with a removable Thermal Insole. According to reviewers, they are some of the warmest barefoot shoes on the market.

Magna Trail Folded

The mesh is a water-repellent nylon, with a no-sew construction. Eliminating seams cuts down on weight, and allows for more packability and flexibility. A neoprene sock keeps water and dirt from sliding down your ankles into your shoes.

Built For Adventure

On the bottom of these bad boys you will find an “FG insole”. FG stands for Firm Ground, and this high-abrasion rubber outsole rocks low-profile, omnidirectional lugs designed to grip tight on wet, dry, sleek and rocky surfaces alike. It’s also 5x more puncture-resistant than similar outsoles.

VivoBarefoot Magna Trail 2.0

And – if sustainability is a selling point for you, you’re in luck. The Magma Trail are made from recycled PET plastic.

Grab a pair on Amazon in sleek Grey or classy Cordovan.