Mack Weldon is reinventing men’s basics with Mack Weldon undergarments. The creators of the products were tired of the fact finding a comfortable pair of undergarments as a “pain in the a**”! Gone are the days of a drawer full of skivvies that just give you uncomfortable wedgies. So with a Mack Weldon product, how can you go wrong? With the “try-on guarantee,” if you don’t love your first pair, Mark Weldon will send you a different size, style or issue a refund – you can even keep the pair you tried on.

The styles, colors, and fabrics options are sure to meet anyone’s needs, regardless of size or comfort preferences.

18-Hour Knit of the Mack Weldon Undergarments

This provides you with the best of both worlds: the super soft feel of signature 18-hour jersey combined with the silhouette of boxer shorts for an undeniably smooth and classic look. Features a buttoned fly, covered waistband, and ribbed gusset for mobility. 47.5% Cotton / 47.5% Modal / 5% Spandex

18-Hour Jersey Fabric

A proprietary blend of cotton, beech wood modal, and Lycra, the fabric sits for 18 hours before it’s cut – that’s how long it takes for the material to naturally expand. The result: a softer feel and a more consistent fit.

Silver Fabric

Silver is special due to its natural antimicrobial and thermoregulating properties. It’s favored by Olympic athletes, U.S Special Forces and NASA for its ability to deliver smart performance. Silver is infused it socks, underwear, and shirts. It kills odors by neutralizing bacteria and keeps you feeling cool and fresh all day.

AirKnit Fabric

AIRKNIT underwear and t-shirts are designed for peak performance in the gym without sacrificing the comfort of daily wear. We started with soft microfiber stretch, then tested it with fitness experts at Equinox to ensure a fabric and fit like no other. Staying cool is on top of most men’s list when it comes to underwear. Designed for maximum breathability no matter what kind of heat you’re facing.

Woven Fabric

We used two-way stretch technology that allows for a more flattering and tailored cut – without sacrificing the freedom you love about boxers.

Once you decide on a fabric, then you can select the undergarment you would like. Make your selection from underwear, tee shirts, socks, sweats, etc.

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