We can think of a million reasons to have a set of GPS locators. Maybe you and your hiking buddies need a way to locate each other if separated in the backcountry. Maybe you like the added peace-of-mind when your group splits up during an outing, or maybe you want an easy way to keep track of your dog, and be able to track him down when he gets loose. Whichever of these scenarios might apply to you, it can be accomplished with Lynq.

What is Lynq? This carabiner-inspired device is a real-time tracker that functions without any kind of phone service, connectivity or networks; it works through a combination of GPS and kinetic positioning, so it can work anywhere and at all times. All you have to do is pair it with another Lynq device (or up to 12 at a time) and you’ll be able to keep track of them instantly. It has an effective range of up to 3 miles (geography and topography permitting) and works anywhere in the world – no reception needed.

As part of the sleek, unobtrusive build, it has a tiny, unassuming display that shows the direction and distance to the other object, but nothing else – eliminating the unnecessary distractions so many other devices have. There’s just a single large button on the front, and the carabiner-style loop design makes it easy to clip onto your belt or bag.

There are several added functions, too, like the ability to set up designated “safe zones” and to be alerted when devices wander out of that zone; a home location for devices to return to, and meet points; alerts and notifications; and preset messages that say things like “Meet Up.”

The best part? There are no fees or subscriptions – practically unheard of for GPS trackers. Buy as many as you need and link them up before setting out, and you’re ready to locate each other anytime and anywhere. It also has a 3-day battery life on a single charge, and the build is completely waterproof and weatherproof. They’re up for pre-order right now, starting at $109 a piece.

Lynq Tracker 2 Lynq Tracker 3