Move over, DSLR’s.  Mirrorless cameras are becoming more and more popular by the day, thanks to their much simpler, more compact build than larger, clunker DSLR’s. And while the Lumix Gh5 isn’t the first mirrorless 4k camera to come out (there are others, like the A7s) it is the newest and most featured.

The GH5 features a 20.3 MP Micro 4/3 sensor, with a low-pass filter. It can record 10-bit, 4:2:2 4k video at up to 60fps, and also 1080P at up to 180fps (yes, 180). Shutter speed goes as fast as 1/8000 of a second for low-light and action shots.

Panasonic has included their Venus Engine Processor, which, when coupled with the Live MOS sensor, creates extraordinarily vivid colors and detailed textures. There is also a built-in Rack Focus transition, and Panasonic’s new Depth from Defocus, which calculates lens movements and depth in images for extremely fast Autofocus (it’s hard to explain – but trust us, it makes for great pictures). There are 225 AF points, which allow you to choose dynamic, detailed focus for flexible composition.

Built-in 5-Axis Dual IS eliminates blurring and shaking in photos, and gives up to 5 stops of lee-way with slower shutter speeds – and even works with 4k video recording, as well. This allows you to use non-stabilized lenses, as well.

The GH5 also has built-in Wifi and Bluetooth 4.2, which allows you to connect your smartphone and use the Lumix Image App to control the shutter, video recording, and all the in camera settings. After a picture is taken, the camera will automatically switch over to Wifi and transfer the image to your phone. It can also hold two SD cards, for increased capacity and efficiency.

Panasanic pulled out all the stops with the Lumix Gh5, and it really shows. The body is completely splashproof, dustproof and shockproof, and even freezeproof down to -10 degrees. It’s also much more compact and much lighter than traditional larger cameras, like DSLR’s, thanks to it’s lack of mirror. It’s the perfect camera for outdoors, traveling, or just keeping by your side – whether you’re looking for fantastic quality images or stunning 4k video.

lumix-gh5-rear-view lumix-gh5-top-view Panasonic-Lumix-Gh5-Mirrorless -4k-screen-flip-out lumix-gh5-body-proof