What’s to like about Lululemon Urban Nomad Backpack:

  • Water-repelling material
  • 100% polyester and nylon
  • Quick-access pocket in the hood
  • Exterior pocket for a laptop
  • Added lumbar support
  • Affordable price

Walking around the city with lots of things in your hands and pockets can be annoying and frustrating. So, if you are a gym-goer or a student, having a dependable backpack can be a lifesaver.

For that reason, we tested the cool-looking Lululemon Urban Nomad Backpack, a model that comes highly recommended. Here’s what we discovered after a comprehensive test.

Trendy Yet Functional

As you probably know, Lululemon is all about combining colorful patterns with functional designs. In other words, this brand is a solid choice for anyone looking to impress. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see the eye-catching Lululemon Urban Nomad Backpack grabbing attention on all sides.

But aside from the aesthetics, this rucksack is also travel-ready and full of pockets and compartments. Also, it offers top-notch lumbar support because it features a sturdy back panel with a curved frame. Finally, a quick-access zippered pocket in the hood is another essential element, increasing usability and functionality.

Water-Repellent Fabric

In essence, Lululemon Urban Nomad Backpack is as versatile as rucksacks. Regardless of how you use it, Urban Nomad will get the job done with minimum fuss. This rucksack will protect clothes and other essentials when used as a gym companion, an office bag, or a travel backpack.

Primarily, high-quality materials are the reason for the superb performance of this bag in any weather. The water-repelling fabric also follows Lululemon’s philosophy of sustainability and eco-consciousness.

Ample Storage Space

Sounds good so far? Well, now we get to the essential qualities of the attractive Lululemon Urban Nomad Backpack–functionality and storage. After all, everyday packs must provide plenty of room for our essentials, such as water bottles, headphones, smartphones, and so on.

In this case, you’ll be happy to know that Urban Nomad offers multiple pockets on the outside, together with a spacious interior and several compartments on the inside. For example, 2x side pockets provide quick access to your belongings, and the same goes for the zippered pocket in the hood. Best of all, the padded laptop sleeve will protect your 16-inch device at all times. So, Lululemon Urban Nomad Backpack is a comfortable and functional rucksack for short travels and daily activities.

Is It Worth It?

As the name suggests, Lululemon Urban Nomad Backpack is all about city adventures and exploration. One of the crucial features of this bag is versatility, making it a dependable companion on various occasions.

In other words, Urban Nomad fits the modern lifestyle perfectly, and you can take it to the office and picnics and outdoor excursions. In addition, thanks to an abundance of zippers and pockets, your gear will always stay safe, while the water-repelling fabric protects you from the elements. All in all, this backpack is a safe bet for anyone needing a durable, functional, and stylish rucksack for day-to-day operations.