Main features of Lululemon Surge Jogger Men’s Pants:

  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Tapered fit
  • Four-way stretch
  • Zips at the cuffs
  • Efficient cooling
  • Reflective details

Defining what a jogger is can be tricky because designers often mix styles to try out new things. Nonetheless, a classic lightweight jogger should be a versatile sweatpants-style clothing element with a flat hem. More often than not, joggers are made from fleece, but other fabrics are also on the menu.

And so, we scoured the web for the best joggers for our morning runs, learning that the Lululemon Surge Jogger Men’s Pants model is a top-shelf option. Here’s why these joggers are worth the attention.

Well-Designed and Comfy

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Lululemon is a global brand focused on innovation and evolution of athletic gear and apparel. Since 1998, the company exceeds expectations by making high-quality men’s and women’s clothes, primarily yoga pants, sweaters, shorts, and, you guessed it – joggers.

So, it’s no surprise to see Lululemon Surge Joggers earn top marks for design and overall quality. In essence, the Surge joggers follow the well-trodden path, with a streamlined fit that tapers to the hem.

High-Quality Materials

Over the years, Lululemon came up with several proprietary materials and fabrics. But, of course, the goal was to find the ultimate price-to-value ratio, and experiments resulted in multiple winning combinations.

For instance, the Surge joggers feature a quick-drying fabric with added lycra. More precisely, the mix comprises 79% nylon and 21% Xtra life lycra elastane. As a result, the joggers provide a comfortable four-way stretch, but the material is also sweat-wicking. Therefore, Lululemon Surge joggers are ideal for recreational runners, but anyone with an active lifestyle can benefit from having a pair of these joggers in the rotation.

Attention to Details

Besides boldly going where no one has gone before, Lululemon also strives towards perfection with the aesthetics of their products. In other words, everything has to look good and stylish, even if we are talking about gym clothes.

For example, Lululemon Surge is among the best joggers in 2021 because it combines high-quality fabric with several neat details. Namely, you’ll get a secure back pocket, together with two deep pockets at the front. On top of that, this model features reflective details around the zip at the cuffs. So, the area with the zipper improves visibility and safety aside from being a convenient cooling mechanism.

Should You Buy It?

Only a handful of joggers on the market can compete with Lululemon Surge regarding functionality and comfort. That’s why this model is a bestseller, and many pro runners use these joggers for training.

Best of all, Lululemon keeps the prices at a reasonable level, and the Surge joggers will not burn a hole through your wallet. So, if you need a dependable yet comfortable pair of joggers to start jogging in the mornings, look no further. Moreover, the Surge is designed for running, which makes it worth every penny.