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Lubri Disc: The Ridiculously Easy (and Eco-Friendly) Way To Oil Your Bike Chain

FlectR Lubri Disc 2

Oiling a bike chain isn’t that difficult; you just spray a few drops of some top-quality bike lube on a rag and run the chain through it a few times until it’s all lubed up and ready to go. But to be fair, it’s not an ideal method; a good deal of oil will get wasted, as it gets all over the rag, all over your fingers, all over the bike frame and all over the ground. That was the inspiration behind the Lubri Disc.

Lubri Disc bills itself as the easiest, most-eco friendly way to oil a bike chain. Just hold it with your fingers, hold it up against the chain, and rotate the crankset as you normally would. The chain will run along the oiled disc, as usual, and will be completely lubed up and ready to go within 2-3 cranks. No hassle.

Sounds super simple and straightforward – right? We certainly thought so, though apparently Lubri Disc thinks it’s an innovative device. The “semi-soft” wheel, as they call it, “adapts” to the shape of the chain, partially encasing it, for a completer coverage that can impart oil between and entirely over the plates and pins of the chain.

It can hold any bike oil of any low or medium viscosity, aka almost any bike oil, and can oil the chain about 10 times. The lubricator disc itself can be switched out and recycled – provided you use biodegradable oil.

That was another inspiration behind the Lubri Disc, of course – making an eco-friendly product. The absorbent disc prevents oil from dripping onto the ground, where it would simply be soaked up into the ecosystem. And you can purchase FlectR Bio Chain Lube along with it – an organic, biodegradable oil that works just as good as any other.

Who knew so much could be said about such a simple tool? You can grab the Lubri Disc over at Kickstarter for about $21. It comes in a neat little tin, and we imagine it would be a decent way to

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