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Loopy Cases: The First Phone Case With a Loop to Stop the Drop

Loopy Cases Multi-tasking

Cracked screen–$100+ to fix. Armband phone case–extremely awkward to access. Loopy Cases–pure genius. Sure, there are several other cases on the market (we have even featured some on our website); however, the Loopy Cases are much less intrusive to your phone experience.

Whether you are running, snapping photos, multi-tasking, or just being frugal, Loopy Cases are a low-cost “insurance” policy for your phone. With phones getting bigger and harder to hold, it is even more important to protect your device without adding bulk. That’s where Loopy Cases stand out.

Advantages and Features of Loopy Cases

  • Stop the Drop: The rubberized material and its placement on the case is optimal for secure carrying of your phone.
  • One-Hand Button Access: The placement of the loop also ensures your ability to reach the normally hard-to-reach buttons. There not more need for tw0-hand use of your phone. Hold and reach for one-hand phone use.
  • Multi-Grasp: OK. Admit it. We always have our phone in our hands. That means we are trying to hold on to our phone as we grab all the other gear we haul around. How many times have you dropped your phone when trying the balancing act? With the Loopy Case, simply flip, grab, and go. You don’t know how nice having an extra hand is until you’re in the loop!
  • Low Profile, Pocket Friendly: The carrying loop is hardly noticeable when you slide your phone in your pocket. The loop nicely collapses with no intrusion. Pull the phone out of your pocket and the loop pops up into place, ready for your fingers.
  • Strength security: The loop passes the 10-pound weight test.
  • Kickstand: The loop serves as a prop when you want hands-free phone use. Watch that video while you work.
  • Interchangeable Loops: Want a different loop color or size? No problem. You have a variety to customize your style.

So quit dropping your valuable investment. Loopy Cases are a very affordable insurance policy on your device.

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