Main features of Logitech StreamCam:

  • Eye-catching cubic design
  • Textured fabric on the front
  • Smooth 60fps video
  • Lots of recording options
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Advanced video processing software
  • Tripod mount included

Nowadays, video-conferencing software is more popular than ever, and apps like Zoom benefited from the outbreak of COVID-19. Most remote workers used these services to communicate with colleagues, and many realized their laptop cameras are not good enough.

Likewise, YouTubers and other content creators also need high-quality video equipment. That’s why we tested the exquisite  Logitech StreamCam, to see if this webcam can meet the needs of modern users. Here’s what we discovered.

Unique and Attractive Design

Admittedly, the aesthetic aspect of a streaming cam is not the crucial element. Well, it shouldn’t be, in theory. Yet, we all love cool-looking gadgets, and Logitech is fully aware of this. So, they created a camera that earns top marks for design.

Whether you opt for the white/grey or black version, Logitech StreamCam will look amazing on top of your computer screen. Primarily, the uniquely cubic shape makes the camera compact and stylish. On top of that, the textured fabric surrounds the lens, providing the StreamCam with unique and attention-grabbing detail.

Top-Drawer Video Quality

Most webcams on the market will provide decent video, but if you want a crisp, smooth quality, Logitech is the brand for you. For example, Logitech StreamCam delivers exceptional footage thanks to a well-balanced combination of hardware and software capabilities.

Namely, this webcam offers a Full HD output of 1080p at 60 fps, a significantly smoother video than you’ll get with 30 fps on most models.

Effortless Video Processing

Logitech StreamCam might be overkill for anyone who will not exploit its maximum potential. In other words, professional streamers and content creators are the target audience for this top-shelf model.

After all, this innovative camera comes with sophisticated software support. To be precise, the StreamCam package includes automatic focus, image stabilization, white balance, and automatic framing. Of course, the digital zoom effect is also available.

How To Use It?

Even though Logitech StreamCam offers a broad selection of picture-tweaking tools, this webcam also has a few drawbacks. Primarily, we noticed the footage gets a bit “noisy” in low light, and there’s no detachable USB-C either.

Nonetheless, overall performance should meet the needs of most professional users, not to mention Zoom users and remote workers. For instance, the camera provides up-and-down or swivel adjustments, but you can also switch to a vertical view. So, Logitech StreamCam is not only beautiful but highly functional, too.

Is It Worth It?

Logitech is a famous brand with a global audience, and most of its products are on the pricier side. The same goes for Logitech StreamCam, but if you want quality, you gotta pay the price.

After all, high-quality video could be your ticket to riches, as long as you come up with viral content. Hence, a premium webcam is not an expense but an investment.