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Logitech C922 Pro: The Perfect Webcam for Livestreaming?

Logitech C922 Pro

Livestreaming has really exploded in popularity in the past few years; who would have thought just 15 years ago that people could actually make a living streaming Minecraft? Along with this newfound popularity, a new market has opened up for powerful USB cameras for streaming and recording – like the the Logitech C922.

When you see the name Logitech, you know you are about to get something good. Let’s start with the basic technical specs: The C922 is designed specifically for video and gaming streaming on social media sites like Twitch and YouTube. The camera can handle streaming full 1080p video at a constant 30fps, or you can crank that down to 720p for 60fps. The C922 is compatible with all current versions of Windows, Mac, and Android. It is not natively compatible with a Linux, but you can get it to work with Ubuntu if you know the right workarounds.

The fully glass lens allows for bright and high-resolution video capture, and integrated background replacement tech is like having a built-in greenscreen setup. It’s USB-powered, so it doesn’t require any separate power cords: just plug it into your computer or laptops USB ports and you can start recording.

This thing is a beast at recording. Take it from personal experience: even in dim, conditions the automatic light correction keeps your images properly illuminated. And it’s super portable; at only 6 oz. and less than 2 inches wide, the C922 stashes easily in your laptop bag or backpack – so you can use it for streaming on the go. It’s only apparent downside is the lack of camera stand, as it is designed to clip onto the top of your display. Barring that – this might just be our favorite webcam on the market.

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