With great weather upon us, and the hiking/backpacking season coming up quick, it’s time to start dusting off the gear and making sure the kit is in tip-top shape. For many, that will mean getting a new camping cookware kit – preferably one that’s lighter, stronger and sturdier, and still more packable and versatile than before. Without resorting to plastic. This year, we have our sights set on this Titanium Cookware set from Lixada.

Why Titanium For Backpacking?

There’s a number of reasons to choose titanium cookware over sets made from other materials. Titanium is stronger than steel – or at least as strong – while remaining roughly 50% lighter, giving it a much higher durability-to-weight ratio. Half the weight, same durability – so, if kept the same weight and thickness as stainless steel, it’s less likely to break or bend out of shape in your pack.

Technically, titanium is heavier than aluminum, but because it’s denser, it’s far stronger and less likely to dent or bend. And compared to plastic, there’s no comparison; it’s eminently stronger and less likely to snap or bend, even if it does weigh a bit more.

What’s more – you can’t really cook on an open fire or camping stove with plastic cookware. There’s no alternative to metal cookware for that.

Simply put, for most of us planning on spending long periods in the backcountry (often days at a time), titanium provides the best combination in terms of strength and durability, lightweight and good cooking surface (it’s as easy to clean as stainless steel and easier than aluminum).

Lixada Cookware Set

Full-Service Titanium Cookware Set for The Backcountry

There are some premium titanium cookware sets out there, and there are some budget options that pack a whole set of useable titanium tools, pots and pans for a lot less money. This 5-piece Lixada set – currently available on Amazon – is one of them.

Lixada’s titanium set includes a 750-ml titanium pot, a 420ml titanium cup with a folding handle, and a sturdy, foldable titanium spork. The spork goes into the cup, which then goes into the pot – easy packing. It also includes a titanium, alcohol-powered stove for portable cooking on the go, a rack for sitting the stove on, and a sturdy, folding windscreen to protect the stove from the wind and keep your food cooking consistently.

That’s everything you need for some solid meals on the trail – whether you’re out there for 2-3 days or 2-3 weeks.

Best of all? This set is very reasonably priced, right off Amazon.