Ready to update your shower to a smart shower? The Livin Shower is a whole smart shower system that lets you precisely control the water temperature with just the press of a button. All you have to do is press the button to turn it on (or tell your Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant, do to if for you), and it will automatically heat the water up. Once it reaches the desire target temperature, Livin Shower will actually pause the water to prevent waste, and you can a pause and resume it at any time just by pressing the button.

You can set your desired temperature using the app on your phone, and the app can alert you when the water is ready. There’s a built-in algorithm which actually serves to find the shortest amount of time necessary to reach the target temperature, and actually analyzes your water usage, and where the temperature matches up with your shower handle, to get the most precise, least wasteful usage. Livin claims it can save up to 1,875 gallons per year in a single house, and you monitor your usage on the app.

And do you like to sing in the shower? Livin also connects Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music, and to your shower speaker, so you can control, rewind, skip, turn up or down the volume, in one easy place.

Last of all, Livin has what they call Shower Recipe, which is where you can choose from a set of pre-programmed showers, such as Wake-up Recipe, which gradually and slowly turns down the water temperature to jolt you awake with a splash of cold water. You can also program your own shower settings, name them, and each user can track their own water usage, etc.

The only problem we see with the Livin is that as of this moment, it only works with a few specific shower handles; one single-handle temperature control. We’d like to see it work with two and three-handled showers, as well as lever handles, which many of us still have.

But even without that, the Livin Shower looks like one cool product.

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