Bespoke Post was already a pretty neat way to get yourself some fancy fashion goods. Whether it was a new tie or a handy new EDC wallet, a Bespoke Post subscription box had something you and your wardrobe needed. But subscription boxes aren’t all they offer, and these days you can shop for virtually any piece of timeless EDC or style gear from Bespoke Post without needing to sign up for a box. The best of the gear they sell? Line of Trade, a brand delivering the best of vintage men’s style combined with durable construction.

Starting off Line of Trade’s lineup are their beautiful leather wallets, such as this Passport Wallet – which surprisingly only costs $40. It’s crafted from super-soft tanned leather from SB Foot Tanning – an old-time leathermaker from Red Wing, Minnesota that has been supplying Red Wing Boots themselves with leather for a long time. Super slim and super handy, it’s the perfect way to stash your cards, wallet, ID and cash, without taking up much space in your front pocket.

If you want to make your outfit super awesome, however, pair it with one of their Compass Bomber Jackets – a casual, lightweight take on the American classic. Made from a 60% cotton, 40% poly blend, it’s warm enough for chilly fall days and evenings, but also cool enough when the heat rises throughout the day (as it tends to do this time of year). The body and sleeves are padded for a bit of comfort and there is a smooth satin lining inside. The antique brass zipper finishes off the vintage ensemble.

So now you’re really a Line of Trade fan – and want to keep going with their stuff. In that case, grab yourself one of these machine-steeled bottle openers, which has been handcrafted by a New England, family-owned metalworks shop that’s been making military equipment for generations. It’s a unique, and heavy-duty, bottle opener sure to stand out from the crowd of Bud Light openers found on your keychain.

If fine handmade goods and classic men’s style are what you’re looking for, Bespoke Post and Line of Trade have your back.

Bespoke Post Bomber Jacket Bespoke Post Bomber Jacket-2