has a potentially industry changing product with their new L16 digital pocket camera. Although it’s roughly the size of a cell phone, it has the ability to produce DLSR quality photos without the incredible expense of multiple lens configurations.  The Light L16 features 16 built in lenses, of which 10 fire simultaneously with each photo. Folded optic technology keeps the size and weight down, while allowing each of the 28mm, 70mm or 150mm camera modules to fire simultaneously with each photo. The individual shots are computationally fused to create an incredibly high-resolution, low-noise photograph, up to 52 megapixels in size.

In addition hardware marvel that is the L16, the software tech is equally impressive. Each image contains all of the necessary data to allow post production noise reduction, depth of field control, and synthetic focal plane adjustment. This ensures that every shot comes out exactly the way you want it. The software stays up to date with automatic over-the-air updates and you’ll never have to wait to upload that perfect selfie with the built in social sharing.

Light L16 Portable Camera Highlights at a Glance

  • 52 Megapixel
  • Incredible low-light images
  • Small size and weight
  • Effective Optical Zoom 35mm – 150mm
  • Unmatched post production image adjustment features
  • 5″ LCD Touchscreen
  • Water and Dust resistant
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
Light L16 52 Megapixel Pocket Camera Light L16 52 Megapixel Pocket Camera Light L16 52 Megapixel Pocket Camera