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Never Miss A Photo Again: LifeProof LIFEACTIV 10mAh Power Pack

LifeProof LIFEACTIV Portable Charger

Picture this: You’re climbing the steps of Paris’ famous Sacre-Coeur, hoping to get a panoramic shot of the beautiful Montmarte neighborhood. As you reach the top, you pull your smartphone out and…lo and behold, your battery is dead! No picture for you.

This situation could have easily been avoided with the LifeProof LifeActiv Power Pack – the small portable battery pack whose dynamic duo of 10,000 mAh battery packs can charge a laptop fully when working together. Plug your desired device in with a USB-C cable, and the  onboard LED lights will let you know when charging is complete. With fast charging, it can charge a normal smartphone in just under an hour, and holds enough juice for 4 charges. The rugged case is built to handle drops from as high as 5 feet, and can operate submerged in up to 6 feet of water.

Lifeproof LIFEACTIV Charger 2

With auto-charging tech, the LifeProof automatically senses when the battery is fully charged and cuts off power to prevent overcharging. The casing also features a built-in LED flashlight, making it a handy tool to keep around. Measuring only 6” across, 0.7” thick and weighing just over 8 oz., the LifeProof will easily fit in your jacket pocket, backpack, purse, and any carry on bag.

The best part? Its sleek looks resemble a phone more than a battery pack. It also has a 1-year warranty covering all manufacturer defects.

Lifeproof LIFEACTIV Charger 3

So, no outlet? No problem! The LifeProof ensures you always have an extra battery charge – whether you are walking the streets of Paris or hiking the backwoods trails of Yosemite.

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