So why are some digital cameras as low as $100 and the Leica M10 carries a $7,000 price tag? We believe we found out. The only way to create a work of art like the precision Leica M10 is to assemble and test it by hand. You won’t find a cold robotic assembly line here. Leica employees inspect every aspect of each camera along the way, all done in a sterile environment.  After all inspections are passed on each M10, the beauty is ready for the photographer with deep pockets and a discerning style.
The Leica M-Series began in 1954 with the M3. The German-made camera was a marvel for its day. Today, the engineers have pushed innovation to create the M10, the slimmest digital M of all time.

Leica M10 Major Features

  •  Perfect ergonomics to fit securely and comfortably in your hands
  • Ability to set ISO even when the camera is turned off
  • Extended ISO sensitivity 100 and ISO 50,000.
  • Leaner operating interface with only three buttons on the back of the camera: Review, Live-View and Menu
  • Larger view finder–increased by 30%
  • 2 GB buffer memory and sequential shooting at up to five frames per second
  • Superior imaging performance: 24 MP, full-frame CMOS sensor
  • Dustproof and Light rain resistant provided by special rubber seals.  Components machined from solid brass, magnesium alloy chassis and scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass
  • New more intuitive menu layout
  • M-App and WLAN connectivity: Operate M10 with M-App

Leica craftsmanship sets the bar very high for other manufacturers. The truth is, others can’t match what you will get in a Leica. As a photographer, I will just dream about having a Leica around my neck. Of course, I can always dream big about the Leica M 246. As the saying goes: “If you are going to dream, dream big!”

Buy - $7.00
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