Main features of Leatherman Tread Bracelet Multitool:

  • 29-in-1 design

  • Precipitation hardened steel

  • Compact and wearable

  • Lightweight – 5.9 ounces

  • Adjustable and customizable

In almost any line of business, a saturated market makes it challenging to stand out. For that reason, Leatherman also tries to turn their products into attention-grabbing elements. Well, the Leatherman Tread bracelet’s proof that even multitools can become fashionable.

Primarily, this bracelet acts as a convenient multitool that will come in handy in many situations. In other words, the Tread bracelet is a toolbox you can carry in your hand, but it will also add a touch of rugged style to your aesthetic. So, lets check it out.

Premium-Quality Steel

We should first mention that Leatherman opted for 17-4 PH steel for this bracelet, a perfect material for a sturdy product. In essence, precipitation hardened steel suits the design perfectly, making the bracelet both durable and lightweight. As the name implies, the steel features 17% chromium and 4% nickel.

Admittedly, the steel is not scratch-resistant, but Leatherman Tread will survive plenty of wear and tear.

29 Tools in 1 Product

Believe it or not, Leatherman Tread Bracelet comes equipped with 29 tools! The selection includes eight screwdrivers covering both flat and Phillips, six box wrenches, and eight different hex drivers. Plus, Leatherman Tread also has a carbide glass breaker, socket, square driver, SIM card pick, cutting hook, and several other tools.

Of course, these tools might not be adequate for heavy-weight work because of their size. Thus, the Tread bracelet is best for small-scale work where precision takes precedence. You can even customize the links and adjust the bracelet to your wrist.

Compact and Lightweight

One of the most significant features of the Leatherman Tread multitool is its compactness, which works perfectly with low weight. To be precise, the bracelet only weighs 5.9 ounces. The combination of these two qualities makes this innovative gadget worth the money.

Although it isnt perfect for carrying 24/7, the bracelet is still something you should have with you. After all, Leatherman Tread is compact enough for taking it wherever you go, whether you prefer camping, hiking, or fishing. Likewise, it can come in handy while fixing stuff in the garage or cleaning the basement. The width of the band is 1.2 inches, which also boosts the points for convenience and compactness. All in all, this travel-friendly multitool is both portable and rugged.

Should You Buy It?

Leatherman Tread bracelet, as a fashion item, might not be everyones cup of tea. But, on the other hand, it could be a perfect gift to cyclists, amateur mechanics, and weekend warriors.

Best of all, Leatherman Tread is not as expensive as other products from the same brand. Therefore, you can get a set of 29 tools for the price of one. Not to mention that the famous Leatherman quality will provide the bracelet with years of service.