And it better be, at nearly $300. Located in the small town of Lynnville, Tennessee, Col. Littleton bills themselves as the Great American Leather Company, and makes nothing but the best in leather goods, from bags to wallets to belts and bracelets. So a $300 leather dopp kit from these guys is nothing to sneeze at.

The No. 2 Shave Kit measures 19.5” long by 12.5” when open, and is made from the finest-quality, brown polished leather, giving it an ageless, old-fashioned look; a look that will bring your travel kit up a notch or two (or three) and last you nearly unlimited years of wear. The canvas interior is No. 8 Khaki Cotton, has solid brass hardware, and a large zippered compartment for stashing your toiletries. Pairs perfectly with a classic safety razor and badger brush set. (If you’re not wet shaving by now, you really should be). There’s the obligatory strap for hanging your dopp kit over the sink or on the back of the door.

If you’d like to add a bit of personal touch, the brass plate in the center front may be customized with your initials. And for $40 more, you can get the American Buffalo leather version.

Generously sized but not too big. The No. 2 Dopp Kit from Col. Littleton is beautiful, timeless piece that will carry all your travel gear and toiletries in gorgeous style, add some class to your morning ritual,  and last some time to boot. It’s pricey, but what top-of-the-line leather goods aren’t? It’s a veritable addition to your travel kit, and we expect your grandchildren will be arguing over who gets it.

Col. Littleton Leather Dopp Kit-2 Col. Littleton Leather Dopp Kit-4 Col. Littleton Leather Dopp Kit-3