Main features of Le Feu Ventless Fireplace:

  • Stainless steel body
  • Overall weight: 42.1 pounds
  • Natural bioethanol fuel
  • Fuel consumption: up to 0.3l per hour
  • Heat efficiency: 3kW
  • No chimney required

Nowadays, fireplaces are more of a status symbol, with no practical function other than standing in the corner and being cool-looking and elegant. But, of course, the primary reason is the hassle of starting the fire and then dealing with those big clouds of smoke.

But what if we told you that Le Feu Ground Low Ventless Fireplace requires no chimney? What if you could heat the living room with clean, eco-friendly energy? Well, it’s possible, and here’s how.

Exquisite Design

Before we explain the actual heating process, we should focus on the attention-grabbing design. After all, Le Feu builds recognizable fireplaces, and their products are unique and exciting. For instance, the Ground Low Black edition comes with 45-cm black wood legs.

The oversized legs improve the product’s elegance, but they also improve stability. In essence, Le Feu Ground Low Fireplace looks like a tripod with a massive black orb on the top. And, as if that’s not enough, you’ll get a chance to look at flames as they dance and twirl. We should also mention that Le Feu offers various color combinations and models of the fireplace.

Eco-Friendly Technology

Admittedly, Le Feu Fireplaces are among the best-looking models on the market. But, at the same time, these heat-producing devices are convenient and efficient. Namely, Le Feu uses bioethanol as the energy source for the fireplace. As a natural alternative to wood and coal, bioethanol is an Eco-friendly option. Typically, this source of real-flame heat comes from sugar cane or maize.

As a result, Le Feu Grown Low Fireplace will produce low CO2 levels together with smokeless warmth. Approximately, the fireplace generates 2-3kW, which is equivalent to a small electric or gas heater. In any case, it should be more than enough to warm a 20 square meter room.

Hassle-Free Operation

The total weight of the elegant Le Feu Fireplace is 42.1 pounds, which should allow you to position the unit in any area of your home. Of course, the crucial thing is to see if the legs evenly touch the floor and whether the fireplace is level with the ground.

As if that’s not enough, the unit’s flexibility allows for various positioning types. In other words, the same fireplace can go on the wall or hang from the ceiling. Overall, expect around 0.3 l per hour of bioethanol consumption.

Is It Worth It?

If you need an attractive addition to your home decor, Le Feu Ground Low Fireplace with black wooden legs could be an ideal option. Even though it comes at a relatively high price, this unit offers various benefits, making it worth every penny. Best of all, you’ll help reduce CO2 emissions while keeping your home warm and cozy all through the winter.