We know what you’re thinking. That flying motorcycle in that picture isn’t real.

Or maybe you just rolled your eyes at the idea . Because, after all, do we really need a flying motorcycle? Whatever happened to all those Jetsons-style flying cars people have been talking about for decades?

Either way, the Lazareth is real – and yes, it can actually fly. Sort of. Some background: Ludovic Lazareth is a French custom auto/bike maker, running a firm by the same name. They design, build and create some of the craziest, most insane bikes and other vehicles ever made. But none of them have ever flown before – at least, up until now.

The Moto Volante, as they’re calling it, looks like it’s built on Lazareth’s LM-847, a beastly 4-wheeler that is itself built around the Maserati V8 and its 470 horsepower. But in order to take things to the next level and actually go airborne, the Moto Volante adds JetCat jet turbines in each wheel.

Each turbine puts out a whopping 96,000 RPM and together, they’re able to propel the Volante a meter into the air, where it holds a steady hover thanks to 529 lbs of thrust.

Converting from regular bike mode to fly mode takes about 60 seconds. Simply press a button and the jets start to rev and heat up. They are also experimenting with adding two more turbines in the middle, adding 50% more thrust and hover power. Somehow, the whole machine weighs a mere 308 pounds.

How far can it go? We don’t know yet. Lazareth still hasn’t attempted anything more than a hovering while tethered to the ground.

It’s going to be a while before we see any flying motorcycles out there – whether Moto Volante’s or from someone else. And legality? We have no idea. But do we know this thing is almost out-of-this-world, and if they can pull it off, will easily be worth the £496,000 ($560,000) price tag

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