Can you say “knives are beautiful?” With the Lava Rock Knife, that pretty much describes just what you see. What do you get when you collaborate between Santa Fe Stoneworks and Colbaugh Processing? You get a partnership that makes for some of the most unique and downright beautiful pocket knives you will ever find. If you are a knife collector, or if you aren’t a collector, you will want to add the Lava Rock knife to your EDC collection. This knife combines natural materials with metal alloys, producing a unique contrast of materials.  These materials are then paired with a durable and unique raindrop damascus blade for an added touch of refinement.

Features of the Lava Rock Knife

  • Front handle made from lava rock sourced from Arizona
  • Back handle made from polished wood
  • Each piece of handle material is different, making each knife unique
  • 2 ¼” raindrop damascus steel blade is extremely strong and has excellent edge retention
  • Lockback construction
  • Made in Santa Fe, NM


  • Lava rock sourced from Arizona
  • 16-layer raindrop damascus steel sourced from Japan


  • Blade: 2 ¼”
  • Handle: 3”
  • Thickness: ⅜”
  • Open Length: 5 ¼”

Pull this out of your pocket and show it off. Yes, it will be worthy of passing around to your friends.

Buy - $119.00
Lava Rock Knife 1