Crisp ironed shirts and dress pants are an absolute necessity for any occasion that requires dressing up but ironing itself can be a pain. And, it requires a certain amount of practice, trial and error, to learn how to do it properly. Thankfully, if you’ve got $1400+ to drop on getting your wardrobe perfect, there’s now a smart-iron system that can help. The Swiss-designed-and-made LauraStar Smart is an entire ironing system, with board, Bluetooth-enabled iron and water tank, and compatible app, that will help you get crisp, clean lines every time.

The app itself has a host of guides and tutorials to help you level up your ironing game, and also lets you keep track of water levels and stats such as time spent ironing. Why you would ever need to know, we have no idea. Not only that, but the iron itself creates “hygienic steam,” which serves to purify the fabric and remove up to 99.99% of bacteria and mites that might be hiding in your clothes. The rounded soleplate on the iron helps prevent creasing in your shirts and is even designed to let you steam your clothes vertically for a smoother, cleaner look.

Yeah, sounds like serious overkill. But if you take your wardrobe seriously, the Laurastar Smart could be an indispensable part of your kit. The company has been around for over 35 years, so they definitely know a thing or two about clothes.

Laurastar-Smart-Ironing-System-2 Laurastar-Smart-Ironing-System-3