What’s to like about LARQ WATER Bottle PureVis:

  • Advanced digital purification

  • UV-C light technology

  • One-touch activation

  • Double-wall vacuum insulation

  • Self-cleaning mode

  • Non-toxic (mercury and ozone-free)

  • Compact and sturdy design

Staying hydrated is essential for the success of any outdoorsy activity, but finding water sources in the wild can be tricky. However, a super-convenient solution is one click away, and it even purifies the water to remove germs and bacteria without your input.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, we also had our doubts, so we tested the eye-catching LARQ PureVis Self-Cleaning Water Bottle to see how it behaves in action. Without further ado, here’s what we learned about the world’s best self-cleaning water bottle.


If you are unfamiliar with the name, we should first say a few words about the company. After all, LARQ is still a new kid on the block, given that it stepped onto the scene in November 2017. From Foster City, California, this startup acquired more than $10.7 million in funding and now sells its products to a global audience.

In essence, LARQ is all about combining state-of-the-art technologies with inspirational designs to create sustainable water bottles. Of course, the self-cleaning PureVis model is the perfect example of the company’s philosophy.


A dependable water bottle is an integral part of survival gear and bug-out bags, but how to recognize a bottle worth buying? Well, to separate the best from the rest, consider the following aspects, and you should be good to go.


Of course, EDC gear and other outdoorsy gadgets must be as compact as possible to save space and allow for effortless usage on the go. The same goes for water bottles, although they should still have enough capacity to hydrate you for hours. So, look for models that suit your needs regarding shape and size.


Another crucial element to consider is the overall build quality, and this primarily relates to materials and fabrics, if there are any. After all, your favorite water bottle will probably go through plenty of water and tear as it follows you around. Nonetheless, if the quality is alright, the bottle should survive almost anything you throw at it.


Last but not least, we should mention the price because no one wants to overpay for a water container. However, high-profile brands sometimes sell their so-called exclusive bottles at ridiculous prices. To avoid this, consider a wallet-friendly and feature-rich option such as the recently introduced LARQ PureVis.


After this lengthy introduction, the time has come to focus on the actual water bottle. As the name says, LARQ Pure-Vis is a self-cleaning portable container for drinking water.

In a way, this definition sounds simple enough, but things get a bit more complicated as we look at the purification technology deployed in PureVis bottles. But don’t worry, we’ll take you through the process and explain everything.


Harmful bacteria, such as Escherichia Coli, can cause severe health problems, and you can avoid these problems by relying on the LARQ bottle and the advanced PureVis technology. This system uses non-toxic UV-C rays to kill germs and bacteria with maximum efficiency.

More precisely, the PureVis self-cleaning water bottle will sanitize its inner surfaces every two hours to remove odor-causing microbes.


As we already said, LARQ PureVis uses digital purification technology to neutralize germs and bacteria. Consequently, this splash-proof water bottle comes equipped with a rechargeable battery and a Micro-USB port.

Believe it or not, LARQ claims that PureVis self-cleaning system can work autonomously for up to four weeks on a full charge. In other words, you can go on a month-long camping adventure and have stink-free, pristine drinking water within reach at all times.


Another essential feature of the innovative LARQ PureVis water bottle is its compact stainless steel body. As expected, LARQ tried to create a sustainable and Eco-friendly water container.

Best of all, the double-wall vacuum insulation provides a shield around the water, keeping it cool for up to 24 hours. Of course, it works the other way around, and your water will stay ready for tea or coffee for up to 12 hours.


From what we’ve seen, it takes about an hour to charge the PureVis bottle to 100%. After that, you only need to fill it up with water and give it a gentle shake to disperse the UV-C light.

Then, users can opt for one of two modes: Normal or Adventure. The first one requires a single tap on the cap, while the latter starts once you double-tap the top. Essentially, the Adventure mode takes much longer to complete, sanitizing the water for up to three minutes.

So, if you are using water from a trusted source, the Normal mode should be more than sufficient to remove germs and bacteria.


Finally, we must add extra points for aesthetics because this portable water container looks top-notch. Admittedly, the self-cleaning LARQ PureVis is all about what’s going on inside, but the sleek shape is also attention-worthy.

To be precise, LARQ opted for a minimalist approach and a compact, convenient body. Available in Obsidian Black or Monaco Blue, the bottle will look excellent regardless of your choice. Of course, the blue LED ring on the cap takes things to the next level and makes the PureVis a must-have water bottle in 2022.


Since it weighs only 13.5 ounces, the innovative LARQ PureVis bottle is an ideal companion for mountaineering or hiking expeditions. It can perform equally well on camping trips or cycling sessions, given that it keeps the water bacteria-free for weeks.

Even though it comes at a relatively higher price, this water bottle is worth every penny. After all, the handy self-cleaning purification is an investment in your health, which is something you cannot put a price on.