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Lanmodo: The Automatic Car Tent You Need To Keep Your Car Clean And Cool

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When we say “Car tent,” we don’t mean the usual kind. Instead, the Lanmodo is an all-in-one canopy and sunshade for your vehicle, providing protection from the sun, rain, snow and virtually anything else.

To open it, all you have to do is press the button on the wireless remote, and the shade will automatically unfold itself in 8 seconds flat. A single charge will power the battery for up to 45 days, and total installation takes all of 30 seconds.

Once unfolded, the canopy provides shelter from the sun that keeps your car significantly cooler – in fact, almost 100 degrees cooler when directly in the sun on a hot day.

And while it’s up there, it can withstand winds up to 30 mph and also serves to protect your car from falling ice, hail, rain, leaves, dirt . . .any hazards the natural world may pose.

If an all-in-one car canopy isn’t enough, don’t despair. The Lanmodo is also designed to function as an umbrella for use at the beach or on the back deck, thanks to an optional camping stand that allows you to set it up without a car. The camping stand is windproof up to 29 mph, and they even built USB charging ports into it, so you never have to get up and leave the shade. They even say you can turn it into a full-on camping tent with extra umbrella sides…

Personally we think this thing is best used on your car. It fits on virtually any vehicle – car, SUV, pickup, Jeep – and comes in a variety of colors and custom prints. A anti-theft belt keeps it secured to your car, while the suction cup attachment ensures it doesn’t scratch your car.

It’s certainly an upgrade over those cheap reflective windshield shades….

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