Who has never dreamed of having a Land Rover? Probably most people. There’s nothing like the sheer power associated with these earth-eating machines. Well, here’s your chance; E.C.D. Automotive Design is a custom Land Rover restoration shop based in Kissimmee, Florida. The automotive shop got its start restoring Land Rover Defenders in 2013 when original Founder, Tom Humble, imported a few to restore for family members. Tom was later joined by E.C.D.’s other Founders, Elliot Humble and Scott Wallace, to create one of the most prestigious custom vehicle restoration shops in the U.S. Now 30,000 sq. ft., the “Rover Dome” facility employs 50 full-time technicians, with all work done in-house and over 250 restored vehicles to date under their belt.

Shifting from simply restoring the 25-year-old classic Land Rover Defender, E.C.D. began its reach for more in 2015 when it started building its first true luxury custom Defender, The Beast. The vehicle featured the company’s very first installation of the Chevy LS3 V8 engine into a restored Defender. Topping 60 mph in around 6 seconds, the build bridged the gap between modern vehicles and a nostalgic classic, developing the brand’s need to redefine “restomod” when it came to Land Rovers.

Branching out their line from ground-up restoration Defenders to include the Series IIA Land Rover and then the ever-so slim and modern Range Rover Classic, E.C.D. expanded the concept of custom luxury SUV with its restorations. The company also expanded its line of engine options to include the LS3+ with 565HP, LC9, 2.8 Cummins Diesel, LT4 with 640HP, and the more recently announced Tesla Motor Direct Drive-train. The company offers clients the option for either an automatic or manual transmission with several performance brake and mechanical upgrades.

What sets E.C.D. apart from other restoration facilities is that they allow customers to completely design their vehicles down to every last detail. Thousands of leather options, paint colors, and styles mean that whatever the client chooses for their custom build’s design, their custom build will be one-of-a-kind. E.C.D. takes on clients’ challenges, from panoramic roofs to custom storage cabinets for wine glasses and shotguns; the company never shies away from a design challenge. Offering a world-class concierge service complete with a client portal, fly-out service, and several one-on-one design meetings, the company also sets itself apart in its ability to produce quality in every single aspect of the business.

From bringing the Electric Defender to the U.S. to producing some of the most jaw-dropping custom ground-up restorations, E.C.D. has no plans on slowing down the innovation of classic Land Rovers. If you’re looking to learn more about custom Defender, head to their website at www.ecdautodesign.com or get in touch at info@ecdautodesign.com.